Helpful Tips to Better Enjoy Your Visit!


  1. For best selection of fresh produce arrive early.
  2. In the hot months it's smart to bring a cooler to keep foods fresh
  3. All markets accept major credit/debit cards but it can be helpful to also carry change and small bills
  4. Bring your own shopping bags.  Some growers may also offer bags or recycle them for you.
  5. Ask growers & vendors questions. What's in season? How do they make their product? Recipe ideas?
  6. In Arizona's summer months wear cool clothes, a hat & sunscreen. Be sure to bring drinking water for you and your canine companions.
  7. If you do bring your canine friends they must be on leash at all times. Well behaved pups are always welcome!
  8. Enjoy the markets as a great way to decompress and mingle with your community!